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Is Your Portfolio Holding The Next Bank Seizure Stock? 

Being connected to Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) can be a risky proposition. Regulators recently seized the bank due to concerns about its financial health and compliance practices, leading to investors losing confidence. As a result, investment funds and investments tied to SVB could be vulnerable to significant losses and market volatility.

Moreover, SVB has strong ties to the technology industry and startups, known for their volatility and rapid growth. These factors, combined with the current uncertainty surrounding the bank, make it all the more important for investors to assess their exposure to SVB.

See how Magnifi can help you quickly research with the power of Artificial Intelligence, avoid exposure to risky investments, and find opportunities best suited for you.


AI (artificial intelligence) is expected to explode from $119B in 2022 to $1.5 trillion by 2030. 

With how fast companies, students and the tech industry are embracing AI in the last 6 months, AI should become even more common in your day-to-day as soon as this year.

That’s why Magnifi has developed one of the first AI finance applications that can help you personally with investments, making decisions between stocks and more. 

With AI, you can pull up information in seconds without Googling dozens of pages. 

“Compare AT&T’s stock performance with Verizon”

“What are the next tech trends to invest in?”

“Is Tesla in a bullish trend at the moment?”

These are just three of countless questions you can talk and chat with thanks to Magnifi. It gets smarter each time you use it. 

Type these queries into a small chat box… that’s it. 

No sales pressure from a human. 

Just facts you can use to make decisions.

Investopedia calls AI giving you personalized financial help the “demise of the financial advisor.” 

Tech magnate, WIRED, says finance AI puts “a financial advisor in your pocket.”

Multi-billion dollar IT tech and consulting firm, Accenture, claims financial AI provides “richer information” with “superior efficiency.”

On the next page, I’ll give you a free trial to try out our incredible AI technology that just released in the past 12 months. 

Other non-finance AI tools are going for up to $500+ per month

We’re working on building  #1 finance AI tool and want to give you access for $0. 

Watch the short intro above and then click this button to claim your Magnifi trial.


Magnifi CEO with Emmy-nominated CNBC host, Scott Wapner, discussing the future of AI investing